Sunday, 6 February 2011

cake pops.......

As you can see i posted a picture of some 'Cake pops 'and  i thought this weekend ill give them a try !!! could it be that hard ? its only cake on a stick !!!! I love the idea of all the different decorations you could do.
I'll post a link to a website called 'Bakearella' im sure they founded the amazing idea . I know Topshop Bath had them at the new store opening and ive been told they were very going to look into doing a few diffent flavours with lots of bright coloured icing .

Just a quick note about my up and comming orders....

feb 19th....lepoard print cake for a very good friend of mine
march 9th .beach themed cake for my aunite carols bday.( having suprise dinner at Harrys grill) cant wait

Tiffany cake......not perfect but i was pleased !!!!!!